Transport packaging


Getting information quickly from the packaging with the correct message when new technology is used is becoming more and more important.

Functional design

Preprint is a flexographic printing process where paper rolls are printed before they become corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard or other transport packaging and thereby get a high-quality finish.

It is a cost-effective production method.

Preprint liner is available in up to 10 colors and we use a color mixing system that allows us to print all Pantone colors.

We produce packaging prints and barrier solutions with the latest technology

Developments in Flexotryck have made it possible to produce at the highest level. HD-Flexo is a technology that we work with, but we also follow developments closely to always be at the forefront.

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Today, OptiPack AB is a leading player in the Scandinavian packaging market, we provide the market with high-quality products, high service, state-of-the-art technology, long experience and stability. Our main market is Scandinavia, where we supply food packaging, transport packaging and products to the construction industry.